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The Future is 0

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The Future is 0 is a satirical, live game show featuring artists from different disciplines competing against each other in a battle of mental, physical, and psychological challenges. What started as a DIY art project in a living room by two best friends has blossomed into a hybrid theater/sketch comedy/experimental television spectacle like none other.

Contestants compete in challenges at once asinine and oddly touching, like "Isolation Station", where a single contestant is trapped inside a studio apartment and must answer questions about loneliness and isolation in order to win points. In a game called "Fulfillment Center", contestants must tear open cardboard "Tech. Co" boxes full of popcorn to find an elusive, golden health insurance card.

Funny and sad and compassionate all at once, THE FUTURE IS 0 elevates the mundane and the serious to the same level, and hits them against each other until you're laughing so hard you forget to cry.

Host/ co-creator Claire Buss is a filmmaker and writer with varied experience in narrative, commercial, and experimental spaces. Her work has been featured at Seattle Art Museum, Northwest Film Forum,, Town Hall Seattle, Seattle Asian Art Museum, IMPOSE and Seattle magazine.

Producer/co-creator Kat O'Hara is an integrated producer with extensive agency experience. Whether it's line producing a TV spot, building a 20-foot-tall high striker carnival game, or devising a water soluble billboard to erase the word "Cancer" with rain, Kat enjoys the ever-challenging, novel and stimulating world of production.