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Billions Welcomes Jo Passed

Billions Welcomes Jo Passed

Billions proudly announces our newest client, Jo Passed. Jo Passed is a four-piece Vancouver-based band that began in 2015 when Joseph Hirabayashi and drummer Mac Lawrie wrote and recorded the Out EP. Quickly after the release of Out, writing began on the following UP EP  which was finished up and released in July 2016.

Impose described “Virtue” as “more focused, yet somehow more aloof. It builds upon the wandering electric guitars that were featured in Out, sounding more as a collective unit, while still acting as breezy as the warm summer air.”

“Monkey Mind” was described by Exclaim! as a “ferociously fuzzy alt-rock tune with jagged fretboard fireworks, pounding drums and poppy grunge melodies.” For the premier of their song “Lego My Ego,” Paste quotes singer/songwriter Joseph Hirabayashi, saying “I wanted it to sound like your eyes are closed and you see a desert road that you are driving through and things are burning up and hot, and you aren’t quite sure whether what you are seeing is a desert mirage or if it’s real. I wanted it to sound expansive yet closed, and dark and dingey yet warm.”

Watch the video for “Look Up” below.

Posted on September 08, 2017 in Announcements, News